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Caroline A.
Addicted to Body Whip

I just love how my skin feels after applying the Body Whip and how the moisturizing qualities last. My hope is to get the local shops in my are to carry The Cure products to reduce shipping and packaging costs.

Body Whip

This body whip is amazing.My skin soaks it in telling me that my body needs the moisturizing.The fragrance is quite lovely and stays with you for awhile.I am already half way through my jar.I keep it in the bathroom,the steam from the shower keeps the body whip soft.This is my go to cream.Will definitely purchase again.A happy customer for life

Trish M.

Was amazed at how this body whip just melts into my skin . It’s sweet smell is delicate and doesn’t overwhelm my senses . A pleasure to use

Rachel G.

I have bought each of the body whips.
All of them are so wonderful.
It took me a second to understand how to use it because it isn’t your typical “whip”. It’s more solid at first and then, upon application it’s extremely luscious.
After a couple months of application, my very-dry knees are not itchy at all.
I am hooked :)

Elizabeth K.

I love this body whip - the smell is amazing and it is so deeply moisturizing. The only issue i have had is that it is quite hard and so difficult to get out of the jar and difficult to apply. It seems to crumble and fall on the floor rather than rub into my skin. Less of a whip and more like butter straight from the fridge. Any tips, or is this unusual?

Hi Elizabeth,

We are so happy to hear that your are loving the Body Whip. Sometimes in the cold months the whip can harden, due to the nature of the ingredients. What I like to do is store the whip in the washroom, as I shower the steam helps softens the product for easier use. You can also try warming the jar in your hands, if it's sometime you use before bed. Hopefully, these tricks will help you love your whip even more.