Elevate your daily skincare routine with our curated skincare bundles. These bundles are designed to help you save on your favourite products while providing you with a spa-like experience from head to toe.


What makes our skincare so great...

The Cure is clean, vegan, multi-use, and genderless. As skincare and beauty advocates, we wanted to create what we couldn’t find on the market as consumers. To strip back a complex skincare routine and provide you with just a small collection of products that are chock-full of functional ingredients. Here, we focus on natural skincare, sustainability, inclusivity, and effectiveness.

Our superstar ingredient Sea Moss! A powerhouse ingredient from the sea. It contains many beneficial nutrients like Vitamin A and E. These antioxidants help to fight free radicals and protect the skin from damage. Additionally, sulfur is present in Irish Sea Moss which helps treat acne, rosacea, and eczema.

  • Perilla seed oil, is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, it’s wonderful for sensitive and problematic skin. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, it helps to reduce blemishes, redness, and even out your skin tone.

    Face + Neck Serum 
  • Black Goji fruit extract, is barrier boosting, helps with elastin production, reduces hyperpigmentation, reduces oxidative stress.

    Oil Cleanser 
  • Coffee Seed Extract- Helps to soothe, brighten, and hydrate the skin, while building up the protective barrier essential for maintaining moisture, plumpness, and a youthful appearance.

    Face + Eye Cream 
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Face + Eye Cream

"Harnessing the power of coffee seed extract at the base of its formula, this cream brightens skin while also drawing upon hyaluronic acid and the brand’s star Irish sea moss ingredients to help plump up, refine, and hydrate your complexion."

FASHION magazine

Oil Cleanser

If you're looking for a gentle yet effective way to remove dirt, impurities and makeup from your skin, our Oil Cleanser is perfect for you! Made with natural oils, this cleanser helps to leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft. Plus, the water activation turns the oil into a milky formula, making it great for all skin types.

My Cold Roller Experience

"They last. Being someone who battles chronic migraines, having something that stays cold for a long time is essential. The inside of the metal cold roller applicators is actually full of fluid, allowing for a full freeze. I’ve used these in the evening, left them on my bedside table, only to use them again in the morning. This is especially great if you happen to be traveling without fridge access.

The shape is perfect. Although it takes some getting used to, the shape of these rollers is very well designed. The curvature is just enough to comfortably work around the eyes, and follow the natural structure of your face. As an RMT, I like being able to do some massage work while I depuff and relax, which is much easier with these tools than any others I’ve tested. Tip: Always massage lightly, in an upwards direction, starting at the jaw and moving towards the hairline.

Easy to clean and store. I’m the kind of person that has to wash anything that’s touched my skin before its next use. Being metal, these rollers are simple to wash, and they pack away neatly, taking up very little space. Just make sure you dry them completely afterwards, or you may experience frost on your next use."


Meet Nitasha

 The Cure Skincare grew out of a love for nature, simplicity, and celebrating our bare skin. It was started by Nitasha Goel, who saw a need to provide clean, optimized skincare for people of all ages. As a skincare and beauty advocate herself, Nitasha wanted to create what she couldn’t find on the market as a consumer.

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Nova Scotia
Bhavana - Halifax 
Fauna Sugaring - Halifax
Flora James Shop - Halifax 
Another Shop - Halifax
Elk Salon -Dartmouth
Charlene Health Food - Sydney 
Dr. Amy Punke, ND -New Glasgow
Luxe Beauty Bar - Charlottetown 
New Brunswick 
 Shop Juniper - Saint John
Health Hut - Toronto
 Raw Beauty Bar -Toronto
The Truth Beauty - Waterloo
Woodside Holistic - Guelph
Coles Are Market - Huntsville
British Columbia
Stone Fox Hair - Vancouver
Nature's Bodega - Vancouver 
Thesis Skin - Missoula, MT


FAQ- The Cure Skincare

What is the expiration date of the products?

Each product varies based on ingredients but you have between 6-12 months with natural products. 

How often are The Cure products made?

We make product weekly to ensure you are receiving the freshest products when you order online. 

Are all of your products safe for pregnancy?

It is important to look into which ingredients and essential oils are safe to use on your body during each stage of your pregnancy, as opinions can vary. Please seek the guidance of a healthcare practitioner to decide what is most suitable for you at this time. We do offer a Belly + Boobs version of The Body Whip that contains zero essential oils with this in mind.

Does the Face + Neck Mask dry out your skin?

No. This mask was specifically formulated NOT to dry down. Even though it’s a clay mask, it won’t dry down and tighten like your typical clay-based product. However, we still suggest washing the mask off within 20 minutes of application.

Do oil cleansers really clean?

Absolutely. Oil is actually perfect for removing dirt and makeup. Like attracts like. This means that oil will actually cleanse oil off the face more effectively than water-based formulas. It's not good to feel dry and tight after washing your face, and cleansing with oil can help your skin feel more balanced.

Do you carry any hair products?

Not specifically, but all of our products are formulated with multi-use in mind. The Body Whip makes for a beautiful hair mask, and The Face Serum can be used to tame flyaways and bring back shine!

Are The Cure products tear free? 

No! So watch out for your eyes.

Where is The Cure made?

All of our products are handcrafted in small batches in a studio in Hubbards, NS.

Where can I find your products in-store?

We have retail partners across Canada and in the USA. See the full list here.

What are your best sellers?

The Face + Neck Serum has been a big hit! That aside, The Body Whip has been a long-time favourite. It was actually one of our first products!

Are your products good for sensitive skin?

We have formulated all of our face care products with sensitive skin in mind! This is why there are no fussy ingredients, and very limited amounts of essential oils. Furthermore, our formulas are packed with skin-loving ingredients to help reduce inflammation and redness.

Are your products vegan?

Yes they are, as well as gluten-free and nut-free.

Are your products tested on animals?

No, never.

Can I return my used containers?

Absolutely. Sustainability is incredibly important to us! We accept drop-offs at Luminate Co Wellness Market, Ana + Zac, and Nature Folk studio.

How can I find out more information about a product?

You can learn all about our products on their individual product pages. If you have any other questions or thoughts, let us know via email!

What skin types are your products suitable for?

Our products are appropriate for and formulated for all skin types.

Can I use multiple promo codes at checkout?

You can use one promo code per order. If you’ve encountered two valid promo codes, please choose the one you want to use more.

Summer Shipping

Important to Note:

Natural products DO NOT like heat.

Warmth, Heat, and Summer Shipping

During very warm weather or if the product of left in a hot room, products like the Body Whip may soften or even melt in transit. Since melting is a natural reaction to heat and we have no control over the conditions during transit or delivery, please understand that I cannot be responsible for melted products.

If melted, place it in the refrigerator. The melting will not affect the quality of the whipped butter as a great moisturizer, but the whipped consistency will change. It will become more like a body balm.

 Whipping adds tiny air bubbles (just like whipping cream) that increase the size, lighten the density and change the texture, making the butter light and fluffy. If a whipped product melts, the air bubbles collapse, so the volume is decreased. So although the jar was filled to the top, if the butter melts, there will be less volume in the container.  The container may actually look half full.  

For summer shipping, I have made some accommodations to make shipping during the summer more feasible, mostly with the Body Whip in mind but also thinking about all the ingredients used in the products. Starting June 15th all packages that are shipped during high heat times will be packed with thermal wrap and will contain an ice pack - these can be reused.

Please note that Canada Post shipping is extremely delayed. I will be keeping my eye on the weather and shipping accordingly. Most orders that include the Body Whip will now ship on Mondays to try and avoid packages sitting in a HOT warehouse over multiple weekends.

I have also added local pickup as an option. Please wait for me to email you with a time and date for pickup.

I am doing my best to make sure that you receive your orders with the highest standards. 

But still...

Mailboxes can get insanely hot in the summer, as can packages left out on a porch, in the sun, on a hot day. 

I ask that you keep an eye on tracking so you can grab your package as soon as it arrives or that you request it be shipped to your work if no one will be home to take it out of the heat. 

Follow your tracking number through email/text notifications. 

 Other tips

    Cars get VERY hot in the summer and the excessive heat can quickly melt products. The continual melting and hardening as you crank up the air conditioning and then melt again as it heats up after you leave again is not good for the product. 

  2. KEEP PRODUCT AWAY FROM DIRECT SUNLIGHT FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME. This can also change the texture and stability of your product, and even melt it in some cases. Some of the oils used are very delicate and sensitive to the UV rays from the sun. It's best to keep products in cool places out of direct sunlight. 


Good Bones Dogs Rescue

Throughout 2023, The Cure will be donating 1% of every sale to Good Bones Dog Rescue. Good Bones is a non-profit organization run by a group of experienced volunteers dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming unwanted and abandoned dogs locally, and from shelters within Canada. Good Bones holds a special place in our hearts as it is where The Cure’s founder, Nitasha, adopted her first dog Roti. Dogs change so many of our lives- here’s to making a positive impact on theirs.

*To participate simply place an online order. We will handle the rest! Please note this initiative excludes retailers and wholesale purchases.