​​​​​​​The Cure Skincare grew out of a love for nature, simplicity, and celebrating our bare skin. It was started by Nitasha Goel, who saw a need to provide clean, optimized skincare for people of all ages. As a skincare and beauty advocate herself, Nitasha wanted to create what she couldn’t find on the market as a consumer. To strip back marketing ploys, greenwashing, and misinformation, providing exactly what’s necessary for your skin to thrive. The line started when she began creating what is now known as The Body Whip to help combat her family's dry skin. It soon became clear that she could make a real difference in the world for people and their skin. Since then, the line has grown and developed into a complete skincare regimen. Even if her ideals are sometimes larger than life, the one thing that will never shift- is doing it for the right reasons. We have one healthy body, and one planet to keep clean. The Cure is a natural skin care brand with a focus on sustainability, inclusivity, and effectiveness. Every ingredient that goes into The Cure products is selected for its effective properties. There are no fillers, perfumes, emulsifiers, or parabens used. The truth is, skincare does not need to be fussy, just functional. You’ll find a range of products on The Cure website, because filling in the gaps with brands that we admire is very important to what The Cure stands for. If we can’t make it better: we don’t make it. Founded in 2014, The Cure Skincare is a Canadian company with a desire to keep inspiring a natural and simple way of life in a more sustainable world, by providing purpose-driven, plant-based skincare.