Finding Freedom

Diving into routine is one of the most important parts of maintaining my wellbeing. Now, before I go further, I should clarify- routine is different for everyone, and it does not mean doing more. In fact, I think of routine as doing… smarter. Setting myself up for success in the areas that matter to me.Truth be told, paring back tasks can be a real part of routine. And for me, routine equals freedom. Which is not how everyone chooses to see it. But! If I am set up to do the things that matter to me, that make me feel good, alongside my daily tasks; it’s much easier for me to thrive. It takes some of the guesswork out, ensures I’m prepared, and keeps me driven to live towards my values. I think a lot of us see routine as extra work, or as something that constrains us. But for many, it’s the opposite. Your routine doesn’t have to be extensive or trendy. It can simply be a way to take care of yourself, before you lose your footing. Have a look at a few ways I pare back my tasks and thrive in routine below!

Skincare. I love my skincare routine because it makes me feel like I’m doing something special for myself. The packaging, the colors, the feeling… it all comes together as something remarkable. I used to be the type of person that purchased beautiful products, and didn’t use them in fear I’d run out. I stopped doing that, and removed the fear, because I deserve to use nice things that make me feel good. And when I want to really treat myself, I make sure to start off with the Face + Neck Mask. This doesn’t happen every night- but when I do have the time, I love to run my mask under hot water for a few minutes, or place the tube in a cup of water. This softens the mask during cooler temperatures, but also feels so luxurious on my skin. Buttery, warm, and instantly calming. One way I make sure I have time for this is by doing it early! I typically do my skincare routine right after dinner. If I waited until bedtime, I’d likely skip it.

Meals. This is a big one for me. I love to really enjoy what I’m eating, and know I’m doing something good for my body. I often begin to prepare dinner on my lunch hour (yay to working from home!). Even if it's just washing and chopping produce, it takes so much stress out of my evening. It makes cooking less tedious, and takes the guesswork out of what we’re having. Chop a little here, a little there- and by the time supper rolls around, it’s just a matter of tossing things together. Honestly, by the end of my work day, I am exhausted. If I left it until then, I’d for sure gravitate towards freezer meals or takeout.

Sleep. Sleep is one of the most essential parts of well-being. Hack your sleep, and everything becomes easier. I really find routine key here, especially if you have difficulty sleeping. I like to light the same candle, spritz my face with the Boosting Mist, and turn on my red light. All of these little actions cue my body that it’s time to rest.

Organization. I find the best way to stay on top of things, is to stay on top of things. I would much rather pick up a few little things a day, than do a big tidy every week. Little bins are key, and so are out-of-sight storage solutions. I always say, a clear space, a clear mind. And it really isn’t extra work, or challenging- it just takes some consistency.

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