Meet The Maritime Edit

Meet The Maritime Edit, a media company that focuses on celebrating business leaders and creatives doing the unexpected in Atlantic Canada. Since 2017, an issue has been published quarterly- and beautifully printed, might I add. Dare I name them the perfect coffee table book. We are so excited to announce that The Cure Apothecary is going to be featured in the next issue! Here’s a sneak peak:

"After moving to the East Coast, she started her very own skin-care line, The Cure, which mirrors her own person- ality. “The branding is so gender-neutral; it really speaks to who I am,” she tells [EDIT]. “I’m not overly feminine, I am what you see in the bottle of The Cure. Simplicity on the outside but beautiful once you dive in.” "

Cover: Nitasha Goel, (owner) with Roti Wallin, family rescue dog. 

You can purchase the issue by clicking here.

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