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Seek Out The Sun

f colder weather and shorter days cause you to feel the winter blues, you’re not alone. Especially when it’s been months of the same- it’s common to experience fatigue, sadness, difficulty concentrating, and a disruption in your sleep schedule. This year, these feelings seem especially heightened given everything else that’s going on in the world. Every challenge just seems a bit harder, don’t you think? That’s why we’ve put together a list of ways for you to help pull yourself out of this state. Have a read below.

Turn off the news. More time inside typically equates to more screen time, which feels particularly draining at the moment. Try to schedule the amount of time you spend absorbing, and make sure you’re not just mindlessly consuming content. The truth is, we all do it. But it is draining, and I often find it hard to notice just how draining it is until I take an intentional step back. 

Seek out the sun. Getting outside is incredibly important during the winter months, but also much harder. The best way I’ve found around this is discipline. At the end of the day, I simply force myself outside until it’s a habit. On days where it feels impossible, I make sure to sit in front of a well-lit window for a few hours. 

Good mood food. Make sure you are getting lots of vitamin D! This includes things such as fish, orange juice, and yogurt. A greater amount of protein with meals can also help to enhance mood, and reduce sugar cravings throughout the day. If you’re struggling with this, consider talking to your doctor about a vitamin D supplement.

Skin TLC. There’s no denying it- skin looks better in the summer. The cold dry air can really take a toll on our complexion. That’s why winter is the perfect time to up your skincare routine. I like to mist my face with the Boosting Mist throughout the day, and mask 2x/week with the Face + Neck Mask. This is also really nice because it gives me a moment to get quiet and do something nice for myself.

Make your environment brighter. This can mean investing in artificial light, or moving desks/chairs in front of windows. If you don’t get much light in through the windows, check if there are any branches worth trimming, and most of all, open your curtains!

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