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Wonderful products!

I bought this line based on how much my daughter loved it. Even though I loved what I was using I like the idea of supporting local businesses. Figured I could give it a try and if it didn’t work I could just go back to my first brand. Well let me just say I love it! Its all natural ingredient list makes me happy and my skin is loving it! As a “mature” woman I wondered if it would work with the whole wrinkle issue. It does! It is even better than the high end brand I was using. My skin hasn’t looked this healthy in years. I can’t imagine going back to my previous brand anymore ever. I’m definitely converted.

Well the amount I need to use each day is so small that it will last a long time making it extremely cost effective and the value fabulous.

Only good things to say here!

This kit is what had me try the oil cleanser… I gravitated towards the kit bc 1. Needed the face + neck serum mini, have been hooked on this for a while now but also because 2. I wanted the travel bag and 3. I had thought the body serum was the boosting mist (love SO much). So from this kit I was new to try the oil cleanser which has turned my skin texture around and feels so silky on my skin when washing my face that I allow myself extra time to just enjoy and melt my face into my hands. It feels REALLY good and smells a gentle type of yummy. I was also new to try the body serum (to my surprise) and I love it TOO. So now, I’m just over here enjoying my skin head to toe and really grateful to this company!! I’m probably the smoothest I’ve been since.. maybe ever!

Darrah R.
So happy to get my hands on these!

I've been a fan of the face serum and boosting mist for a while and was waiting for an excuse to try the body serum when this set came out. Love! The boosting mist mini is the perfect size to stash in a bag to refresh throughout the day. Keeping this kit in mind for holiday gifts this year!