A Passion for Fashion

Fall fashion is my absolute favourite. I love the way I'm able to express myself during this season, and the colour palette is stunning. Fall is fun because it doesn't take much to throw together a chic and comfortable outfit. At the same time, when it comes to layering, there is so much room for play! I think we often overlook how our clothing practices impact both our skin and hair, so today, we’re going to break it down. Have a look below!

Hats- Hats are wonderful, especially if you’re a chronic-hair-washer. Extend your do by throwing on a hat. Just make sure you cycle your headdress and wash them often to avoid bacterial spread that can cause acne. And for heaven's sake, don’t sleep in hats! They will rip out your hair.

Scarves and turtlenecks- Two of my all-time favourite pieces… The trick is to make sure you’re washing them often! These sit really close to your face and mouth, making it quite easy for bacteria to grow. Furthermore, don’t pull your scarves too tight! This can cause hair breakage that leads to those pesky flyaways. 

Gloves- Gloves are an absolute essential here. Just don’t touch your face! Gloves touch whatever you touch, but aren’t washed as frequently as hands. This means they get dirty quickly.

Fabric- Believe it or not, different fabrics impact our skin in different ways. The best fabrics for all skin types are cotton, wool, silk, and linen. Natural fabrics are not only better for the environment, but also soft, hypoallergenic, and moisture wicking. As a general rule of thumb- avoid anything synthetic (such as polyester). Always remember to wash anything new, as fabric is often full of chemicals. 

Detergents- Stick to dye free, fragrance free detergents for your clothing, and make sure not to use too much! An overload of detergent will cause it to stay on your clothing, which can be incredibly irritating no matter the brand. 

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