Seasonal Skincare Tips

With the cold weather, you may notice a change in your skin's needs. Cold air and low humidity levels draw moisture away from the skin. The harsher winds and dry indoor air can even cause the skin to crack and bleed. All of these elements combined can cause conditions such as eczema and psoriasis to flare. While additional moisture helps, there is always more you can do to treat your skin! Have a read below.

Choose the best moisturizer for YOUR skin. Something we sometimes forget is that thicker doesn’t necessarily mean better. If your skin is severely dry, experiment with adding in an emollient moisturizer to seal in hydration, with another layered overtop. We love to combine a little bit of the Boosting Mist with the Face + Neck Serum to achieve this.

Drink lots of water. As the sun fades, we sometimes let this slip- for obvious reasons. Remember to sip slowly and consistently throughout the day, and invest in a reusable water bottle!

Opt for an oil cleanser. Or at least, one that doesn’t strip the skin too heavily. Many cleansers contain harsh chemicals that actually dry the skin out. Something like the One Love Organics Botanical B Cleansing Oil will keep the moisture in, while taking off the day.

Exfoliate. This may seem counterproductive when your skin’s dry- but this doesn’t just remove dead skin cells (which can clog pores!) but regenerates new cells as well. Just make sure you’re using a super gentle tool- like the One Love Organics Konjac Sponge. While gentle intermittent exfoliation is great for the skin, it can be overdone very easily.

Use a good lip balm. My rule is: if it tingles or stings, throw it out. Some people attribute this to the product “working”, but it’s really just irritating delicate skin. This one is my favourite, and it doubles as a quick-fix stick for any dry spots you may have- such as around the nose and eyes. Just make sure you’re using proper sanitation practices. Our mouths are dirty, so maybe grab a second stick for your eye area.

Mask often. Masks help restore the skin so much! Especially when it could use a little extra love. Opt for a hydrating mask that doesn’t dry down, such as the Face + Neck Mask for deep hydration that won’t clog pores.

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