Inner Self Love

It’s no secret that February is the month of love- but have you thought about your inner self love? Self love is having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness, even if it’s less convenient or upsets others. It’s not just bubble baths and glasses of wine… it’s an immersion in feel-good vibes and positive energy. This season is the perfect time to turn inwards and reflect on how you love yourself. Self love, like all important things, needs to be practiced. It’s a daily awareness. To start you off, there are a few simple ways to show love to yourself below:

Spend time outdoors. 10-15 minutes of fresh air and sunshine goes a long way.

Practice positive self talk. This is a great way to shift your mindset! Tell yourself 3 things you like about yourself right now. Repeat every morning.

Take time to take time. Do things without needing them to “be” something, or requiring them to be “productive.”

Move your body. My favourites include brisk walks and gentle yoga, but let this time be something YOU enjoy. Exercise doesn’t need to be what’s trendy, it needs to work for you. Instead of seeing it as a chore, see it as a moment to let go of the patterns and energy your body is storing.

Make the choice. That’s right- self love and happiness is a choice we get to make each and every day. That’s why starting the morning with positive affirmations, self talk, or journaling is so effective.

Focus on addition, not subtraction. Slowly add good things into your life, things that make you happy, and watch as what’s no longer serving you disappears. This view generally makes things more consistent in the long run.

When you begin to truly, fully love yourself, you gain the capacity to extend that love to others in a new and meaningful way. The more we love and accept ourselves, the more we will carry that love and acceptance forward within the rest of our interactions. 

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