Inspired By Love

Valentine’s Day may have flown past, but love is here to stay. Throughout the month, we’ve been documenting our favourite acts of self love to share them with you as inspiration. When you become your own source of love in life, it changes everything. Below are a few ways in which we’ve watched the community practice self love over the past two weeks:

Gratitude. Whether it’s a dedicated journal or a simple reiteration of what you’re most grateful for- you’ll actually be training your brain to become more positive! Write it down, repeat it, live in it.

 Write yourself a letter. Gather your favourite stationary, light a candle, and write yourself a loving letter, just as you would to a friend. This can include a reflection, or you could simply chat about things you’re currently loving. Take it one step further by popping it into the post, and enjoy receiving it a few days later.

Focus on nourishment. We often talk about avoiding less nutritionally dense foods, but let’s flip that narrative. Focus on slowly adding supportive and nourishing elements to your diet. Make time to cook for yourself and really interact with your food- it’s a huge expression of love.

Relish small rituals. It feels really good to take care of yourself… just because. Because you want to feel good, and you deserve it. Take the time to really enjoy and live in the small moments, the rituals that make you feel good- even if they’re not sensible. I personally love to massage my feet before bed with The Cure Body Whip. The scent is all-consuming and feeling my smooth feet under a warm duvet makes me happy. Whatever it is for you, do that.

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