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Minimalist Beauty

Minimalist beauty: what is it? Well, unlike minimalism itself, it's pretty complex. You can certainly find guidelines if you go looking, but there is no simple definition. Minimalist beauty should be more about achieving your goal, with minimal tools and approaches- and less about unembellished packaging and effortless aesthetics. It should be about finding what works to enhance your natural beauty, and not about transforming it. But it does run deeper than this.

Your skin- When it comes to anything you’re applying topically, less really is more. It’s a matter of finding the right balance and using products you actually need. Using a multitude of products can actually lead to redness, irritation, and further sensitivity. At the end of the day, we need to remember the skin is an organ.

Your wallet- This one goes without saying- the less you’re purchasing the more money you’re saving. Don’t spend on a trend. 

Your vanity- Own less, avoid the mess. There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a well thought out vanity lineup.

The environment- Cosmetics is a very fast moving industry, creating noticeable waste. Multipurpose products combat this in more ways than one.

A skincare routine is a full sensory experience- the textures, scents, and application all contribute. It’s a beautiful process, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying it, so long as we’re being mindful of the full picture. If your cabinets are getting full, and your wallet empty, what are you gaining? In the next issue, we’ll talk about how to simplify your routine and find the right multipurpose products.

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